There is more than mere design skill that builds a designer

The simple act of cooking a meal together reveals some candid professional traits. Architect duo of Studio Osmosis, Mumbai, unwittingly unveil the attributes that define their creative process…

Architects Shilpa and Sameer Balvally are young, fun-loving, and extremely progressive in the way their design vocabulary. Ironically, adaptability as well as the urge to do so something novel drives their creativity. The duo is known for their exuberance in life, a quality that easily spills into the spaces they create.

Here, the couple get together to bake vegetarian lasagne, some stir-fried beans, and a salad with their son Vivaan as the chief executor. Their camaraderie and culinary skillset seem to draw a parallel with their passion for design, their approach to form, colour, process, and the ease with which this drive is decoded into the end-result.

Actions speak louder than words as they give us a glimpse into their naturalness and joie de vivre… their innate style…

What’s on the Menu… Cooking with the Creatives is a mini web series that peeps into the culinary skills of creative professionals like architects, designers and artists, in an attempt to unveil the characteristics that drive these experts to create the magic that they wield on the professional front. The making also highlights a slice of life from their personal diaries.

Originally published at on November 2, 2020.




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Savitha Hira

Savitha Hira

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